Hello Again!

It's been about 3 months of opening this page, typing a few sentences, backspacing, and closing my computer, once or twice a week. A lot has been brought to the surface for me in the past few months. As I draw closer to graduation later this year, my so-called "career" is no longer a hypothetical question but instead a very real and looming reality. With school, work, relationships, and adventure at the top of my priority list, I began to find comfort in simplicity and meal-prepping, and evolved into a creature of habit, putting the same three things on rotation for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I've felt less than inspired by food, and more so by travel, adventure, and re-defining what health and happiness means to me. 

So where to go from here? What does Soul + Spoon become? What exactly am I trying to accomplish? What do I want to manifest? These are questions I am still exploring and for some reason, time and time again, I draw a blank. For now, I've decided not to take things so seriously. I love documenting my favorite foods and travels. I don't aspire to become sponsored by food brands or get free things in the mail. I simply love having a place to keep all of my treasured memories and musings, and I love that these posts can inspire, motivate, and align with others in my community. It's a creative outlet for when I am feeling inspired and excited by life. 

It's been so freeing, getting out of my kitchen and taking more advantage of the outdoors, my friends and family, and all my city has to offer. The past few months have been so full, with a trip to Portland, an incredible trip to Denver (pics to come soon!), and looking forward, I finished my last spring semester of college today, will be celebrating my 21st birthday this weekend, and will be heading to San Francisco, Napa, and Mount Shasta in a couple weeks. Life is an ebb and flow, and I am learning to trust the tide and let it take me where it wants to. 

Thank you all for sticking around and supporting Soul + Spoon no matter what phase it is in. Soul + Spoon just recently celebrated its first birthday, and looking back, I am awed by all of the opportunities, connections, and growth it has already brought me in just one short year. I know the year to come will be just as incredible!