A Sibling Story

If you follow me on Instagram, you've seen that my summer has been an absolute whirlwind, cooking up a storm between vacation after vacation on the East and West coasts, living out the adventures of my dreams with my siblings. There's been lots of sappy posts, and evasive captions alluding to our 'story'--probably leaving you wondering why each of my visits with my siblings leaves me so emotional and full of joy. 

So, let me explain. I know my 'dad' only as Donor 2093. When I was in 5th grade, I discovered I had two brothers who lived in Seattle via an online sibling registry who had come from the same sperm-y test tube as me. I was ecstatic, as I had grown up an only child and had always longed for siblings. The following summer, I took a trip up to Seattle to stay with my brothers Jake (older) and Cole (younger), and we immediately formed an unbreakable bond. We've stayed in touch ever since, and every few summers I would make the trek up to Seattle to spend time with my brothers. A few years after our initial meeting, we learned of two more brothers, one that lived nearby in Washington State, and one that lived in New Jersey. While for some reason we were never able to initiate contact with Dean in New Jersey, we jumped on the opportunity to meet Riley and add him to our quirky but amazing family. Fast forward 6 years. I was 17, a junior in high school. I received a Facebook message from a girl who lived not but 3 hours away from me in Texas, saying, "I think you're my sister." Enter: Gabi into the picture. My wonderful, beautiful, best friend of a sister. Since then, we've all done our best to try to see each other and remain in contact. The only downside of all of us being so close in age is that we are all in college (except for Cole) and all have jobs, which keeps us busy and unable to travel. After high school, Gabi moved to New York to pursue her dream of becoming a professional ballerina, putting her even farther away from us. 

Last fall semester, a couple things happened. I obtained a college dream job (hello, Lululemon!), and was able to start saving major for plane tickets. Also, Dean came into the picture. Finally, the missing piece of the puzzle had been completed and we made a pact to all be together in the same place for the first time ever during Summer 2016. While it didn't quite work out this way since Dean got an internship in New York City and couldn't make it to the West Coast for our Seattle reunion, the rest of us spent a week up north together, hiking, adventuring, and spelunking around Seattle together, as one does. It was amazing. We're finally at an age where adult relationships can be formed, and it feels so good to have this 'family' that will be there unconditionally for each other. This 'family', consisting of young adults who were raised across the country from each other yet share the same thought patterns, interests, talents, jaw structure, eye shape, smile. 

Yesterday, I got back from spending the week in New York with my sister for her 22nd birthday, and finally got to meet Dean. Again, such a surreal experience that I don't think I will ever be able to be nonchalant about. These people, these relationships, are so special to me and I feel so indescribably grateful to be born into this life that is anything but traditional. Suddenly, we have people to grow old with, for our children to call Aunt and Uncle, to understand our thoughts without any explanations. People to call crying when nothing is going right, to ask for relationship advice, to push around and heckle just because we feel like it (because let's face it that's actually the best part of having brothers and sisters). I know you probably just want to vomit this all is so sappy but this is my life and it is so wild! I'm so excited to be able to share this bit of myself with you that isn't a recipe, curated to perfection, meticulously crafted to my impossibly high standards, but rather a raw, unadulterated glimpse into who I am when I'm not in my kitchen. 

I hope you all enjoyed this little fun fact about me! Coming soon, a complete guide to all of your health, wellness, and indulgent foodie needs in NYC.