About Haley

Welcome! My name is Haley, the recipe developer, photographer + stylist, and rambling mind behind Soul + Spoon.

The concept behind Soul + Spoon was born shortly after I was diagnosed with Celiac's disease and hypothyroidism. In the past, I lived off of fast food, toaster strudels, and PB + Nutella sandwiches. What was I to eat?1 How was I going to live?!

I slowly began experimenting with cooking with whole foods in an attempt to regain my energy and health. I noticed that by simply becoming more aware of what I was putting in my body, my life was taking a dramatic turn for the better. I found new passion in life, adventure, food, and breaking a sweat every day. And so it began.

I believe in eating whole foods. That a healthy diet is a balanced lifestyle, comprised of nutrient-dense foods, indulgence, and listening to what your body wants. That all of the best meals can be eaten out of a bowl. I want to change the conversation around food. It's something that should be savored with all of the senses, enjoyed with others, and regarded as fuel, not the demise of your ideal body.

When not in the kitchen or behind the camera, I can be found sweating or hitting happy hours  around Austin, Texas, working at Juice Society, cozying up in the corner of the newest coffee shop in town, or enjoying long walks or hikes with my pup, Zephyr.

Thank you for stopping by! I hope that what I have to say feeds your soul, and your spoon.